SCW Games is an arcade. You can play games to earn starcoins.

List of SCW GamesEdit

List of Spark City Games
Surf Jam (you get to go to Spark Cove if you pass Raveena three times)
Pizza Panic
Bonbon Voyage
Mix and Style
Custom Mix Nail Studio
Sweet Tooth Desserts
Cherry Blast
Harvest Time
Bumblebee Racer
Tea Party
Leaf Rider
Crazy Eights
Match Mayhem
Neon Bowling
Raveena's Daily Destiny
Galaxy Slider
Sushi Toss
Underwater Adventure
Spot the Difference
Ice Cream Madness
Tumble Crumble
Word Search
Cosmic Puzzle
Planet Escape
Jessy's Dress Up

List of former SCW GamesEdit

List of former Spark City Games (the ones I know)
Junk Yard
Run Run Hamster
Birds on a Wire